MBC is a leading nationwide merchant service provider of Elavon Global Payments Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp. Together, Elavon and MBC provide merchants with unparalleled security, reliability, product innovation, and service. MBC offers a wide array of business solutions including Point-of-Sale systems, financing, credit card processing, mobile processing, gift cards and loyalty programs. MBC is also an internet ecommerce payment gateway provider enabling our online merchants to accept electronic payments on their Web Sites or online through a virtual terminal.

The Company was formed in 2006 by two individuals with significant professional experience and key industry contacts.

Our “Mission” is to establish and provide the best electronic payment processing solutions in the industry today and tomorrow, and ensure that the ongoing service with our clients and customers is predicated on the best customer service available through trust and education.

Our “Commitment” to the business owner is that we will always be a positive and trusted business consultant before you become our client. As a client and customer you can always be assured that you will never find a better service and product for the value that you purchase from MBC.

Our “Focus” is a continued and ongoing concentration of our core business-to-business products that will sustain our clients and our company in the years to come. First and foremost we will perform at what we do best. MBC will not become diluted with peripheral products unrelated to electronic payment solutions.

Our “Goal” is to provide an excellent and far superior electronic payment solution than any other provider in our industry. Through concern and involvement with our clients and customers, MBC is and always will be on the cutting edge of technology and electronic payment solution advancement. Only through providing an advanced quality service can we fulfill the clients goals and accomplish the business needs of you, our customer.